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A Guide to Political Digital Marketing

To understand political digital marketing, we can think about it like running a business. Imagine running an election campaign for years on end instead of a few months during a specific time of the year. A campaign manager could learn everything they need to know regarding communication with an electorate and how to convince them of a representative’s viable candidacy.

In a nutshell, this is what marketers have been doing in the business realm since the rise of digital marketing. Integrating digital marketing in Coral Gables with a political campaign requires some experience and lessons learned through digital marketing, applied to political campaigns to help establish their presence within a short timeframe.

Establish a Voter Database

Information is power. An information database is one of the best resources a manager can establish to begin a political campaign. Contact information may take the form of physical addresses, phone numbers, emails, and social network accounts. These represent massively valuable assets.

A campaign can use this data to target specific sections of an electorate and establish the best way to reach these groups or individuals. The better the campaign’s data, the better chance a candidate has to communicate with the electorate.

Targeting Across Channels

Digital marketing in Coral Gables involves a significant amount of time segmenting databases to target specific messaging to targeted groups. In a broad scope, campaigns will want to segment by area for messaging that focuses on:

  • Relevancy to local communities
  • Voting history
  • Income level
  • Number of dependents
  • Health insurance status
  • And more

Anyone conducting this type of cross-channel analysis and targeting must dedicate the necessary time to try and develop useful segments that remain adaptable as a campaign progresses. Additionally, every campaign team member should comprehensively understand key points as they work to enhance them with further acquired data while campaigning.

Develop and Implement Campaign Messaging

Like digital marketing in Coral Gables, campaigns deal in information packages and how well they resonate with a targeted individual or group. Campaigns should cultivate specific themes they want to work for. This is what most candidates commonly refer to as a candidate’s “platform”. Any messaging dispersed by the campaign should refer to these themes while building clear propositions for voters.

These themes may be complex; however, messaging can often become simplified for packaging on social media, rallies, media appearances, campaign merchandise, etc.

Campaigns may also wish to highlight track records and stances on certain issues. Nevertheless, a campaign should utilize compelling and creative storytelling for a better chance of success in a political race.

After all, storytelling is ultimately the way that humans communicate with one another. The best way a campaign can do this is to deliver a compelling message to the human brain through storytelling.

Everything that a campaign produces should keep a story at its heart. Candidates should listen to the community for personal accounts that help to illuminate the campaign above themes further.

Understand Brand Awareness

The universe we live in today is a world of brands. Political campaigns need to understand this in the same way digital marketers do. Campaigns must develop their brands to a candidate or campaign history and the overall campaign theme.

Depending on the unique facets regarding campaign history or a candidate’s background, this can notably alter brand positioning. It remains important to harness existing brand positions and nurture and grow within a campaign’s theme.

Nonetheless, what remains essential with any brand is to ensure a precise and repeatable voice. The more time a constituency sees brand messaging, the easier voters may buy into it and understand a candidate’s position on a topic.

Political Digital Marketing in Coral Gables | Reach Voters

Political messaging is content, and content refers to anything like blogs, slogans, videos, campaign images, memes, or any other communication assets that voters may consume.

Campaigns can develop political messaging through digital marketing in Coral Gables as they attain information. An electoral ” mood ” may begin to emerge from emails received to social network mentions about a candidate, an electoral “mood” may start to emerge. Developing content that reflects this mood is an ingredient on the path to success.

Each member of a campaign team should reach an electorate across a variety of platforms with different content. However, stories, themes, and language should always remain tight and coherent.

Applying these simple digital marketing techniques can significantly enhance a campaign’s communication abilities while carrying candidates to the winner’s circle. 

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