Election Dates in Miami

Getting Out to the Voting Booth in Miami-Dade County

Most people understand how important it is to vote. After all, your vote is often a reflection of your voice. While you may feel like not every election will affect you, it is important to remember that Florida essentially decided the 2000 Presidential election.

Some voters may neglect local polls entirely. Unfortunately for them, this is often where individual votes can impart the most significant impact. As a voter, you actually get the chance to vote on a local level every year.

Nevertheless, you could possess any number of questions. When are the election dates in Miami? How do I register to vote? What elections can I vote in? How do I know that I’m choosing the right candidate? What is early voting?

Our team from Reach Voters answers this and more. Read on for more information!

How to Register to Vote in Miami-Dade County

Voting serves as both a right and an obligation. So long as you remain an American Citizen that is at least 18, as well as a permanent resident within Miami-Dade County, you can eligibly vote in local elections. However, you must maintain mental competency, as well as avoid claiming the right to vote in another state. Convicted felons also cannot vote without a restoration of their civil rights.

The first step to voting on the various election dates in Miami is obtaining a voter registration form from Florida’s Division of Elections. You can also utilize the same form in order to change the name and address that you keep on record, register with a particular political affiliation, change an existing political affiliation, or replace your voter registration card.

Florida additionally allows online voter registration, but you will need a valid Florida driver’s license or Florida ID card. The deadline for registration for an upcoming election is 29 days prior to the applicable election dates in Miami.

Three Ways to Vote in Miami-Dade County

Once you submit your registration, you will possess three different, convenient ways to vote. These include voting by mail, early voting, and traditional voting at the polls on election dates in Miami. Through this convenient Election Day Event Calendar provided by the Miami-Dade County Elections Department, you can determine what elections might be going on in the area.

Voting by Mail

You can request a ballot in advance and conveniently make your voice heard from the comfort of your very own home. These ballots additionally remain available for military service-people, as well as overseas registered voters.

Simply fill out a Vote-by-Mail Ballot Requisition form and you’re ready to vote by mail during various election dates in Miami. The deadline to request a Vote-by-Mail Ballot is 5 p.m. six days prior to the election. Additionally, by-mail voters can track their ballots online

Early Voting

Voting early enables you to vote before the actual Election Day takes place. Early voting periods begin on the 10th day prior to an election, ending on the 3rd day prior. If you want to vote early, contact the Miami-Dade Supervisor of Elections here, or here to determine the location near you.

Early voting provides registered voters an opportunity their right when they are away, or cannot make it to a polling station on Election Day. 

Voting on Election Day

On Election Day, you will check-in as a registered voter with a poll worker. They hand you a paper ballot that you then take into a privacy booth to cast your vote. Bubble in your cotes by filling in ovals next to your choices, then insert the paper ballot into a scanning unit. This machine scans your ballot in order to finalize your vote.

Voter precincts remain open from 7 A.M. to 7 P.M. on Election Day. This Voter’s Toolkit from Miami-Dade County provides all the information that you will need to bring with you in order to vote.

Information on Voting on Election Dates in Miami from Reach Voters

Election Dates in MiamiSo many potential voters fail to capitalize on their democratic rights. It is important as we think about the world we’d like to live in and to imagine what kind of laws we want to be passed, as well as the policy transformations we want to see. 

If you stay connected with what goes on your city, county, and state, you may wield a decent shot at making these things a reality. For this reason, it is imperative to get out there and vote this year during the various election dates in Miami.

To learn more about the voting process, or for more information on local and judicial elections, contact Reach Voters today!