Florida Circuit Court Judges in Miami

How the Court System Works in Florida

In Florida, the court system remains comprised of the Supreme Court, give district appeals courts, 20 circuit courts, as well as 67 individual county courts. Each one of these courts wields a unique role in maintaining justice concerning every Floridian.

Up until the year 1973, Florida had a wider variety of trial courts than any state other than New York. In the late 1960s, a reform began to take shape to streamline this convoluted system.

For this reason, Florida constructed and implemented the two-tiered trial court system still used today. Most jury trials will take place before one judge that sits as the judge of the circuit court.

The legal system refers to circuit courts as courts of general jurisdiction. This means that these courts, in addition to Florida Circuit Court judges in Miami possess jurisdiction over a wide range of legal matters. This also recognizes that most criminal and civil cases originate in front of Florida Circuit Court judges in Miami at this level.

The Florida Circuit Court system can come across as very complicated and confusing. Add in the specific qualifying rules, dates, and voter requirements during campaigns and elections only exacerbating this convolution. This is why our team from Reach Voters is breaking down some information on Florida Circuit Court Judges in Miami as well as how the whole process works.

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Elections for Florida Circuit Court Judges

The Florida Circuit Courts represent general jurisdictional courts within the state of Florida. This is where judges oversee felony, family law, probate issues, appeals, civil, and juvenile cases. The state wields 20 judicial circuit courts in all.

To qualify for the circuit court bench, candidates must reflect an elector of a county that resides within the circuit, as well as practice law in the state of Florida in good standing with the Florida Bar for five years.

Florida imparts 597 judges in the Florida Circuit Court. Each one takes its position via a nonpartisan election. Florida Circuit Court judges in Miami and throughout the state will serve a six-year term. After their term, they must then run for re-election if they choose to retain their sear.

Nevertheless, midterm vacancies may take place. In these events, circuit courts will rely on an assisted appointment method where an appointed judge serves for at least one year before running for re-election.

The Florida Circuit Courts include the following:

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Information on Florida Circuit Court Judges in Miami

Florida Circuit Court Judges in MiamiMiami-Dade County provides a Candidate Qualifying Handbook for the upcoming 2020 Circuit Court elections. This information outlines the necessary qualifications in addition to information on terms, salaries, and election dates for primary and general elections that concern candidates for Florida Circuit Court judges in Miami.

For additional information on voting in the nonpartisan elections regarding Circuit Court candidates, the Miami-Dade County Department of Elections offers a plethora of information on voter registration, online voting, as well as applicable information on the associated circuit court elections.

Voting is the best possible way to make our voices are heard. However, the process, dates, etc. regarding elections can be confusing and complicated. For this reason, Reach Voters commits to providing useful, streamlined information to make voters and candidates feel at ease. To learn more about voting for or running as Florida Circuit Court Judges in Miami, reach out to our dedicated team today! 

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