General Election in MiamiInformation on General Elections in South Florida

Half a million individuals work as politicians, taking their posts in public offices in America. However, the majority of these politicians must go through some form of an election procedure before they can assume this job. The election process essentially forms the foundations in which the United States built modern democracy.

Consequently, the U.S. schedules and conducts more elections every year than any other country in the world. While most people think about the significant, heavily-publicized presidential election, many politicians go through the elections process on the municipal, or local levels. In fact, these campaigns and elections may affect most voters’ lives more substantially on a day-to-day basis.

Here in Florida, the state holds elections on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November. However, this takes place in even-numbered years. These regulations and impositions remain outlined under Article 6 of the Florida Constitution. This includes information on how certain politicians can campaign, and “get elected” under Florida law.

To determine whom we elect for most positions, we will hold what we call a general election. Our team from Reach Voters is breaking down pertinent information on how a general election in Miami works. Read on to learn more!

The Elections System in Florida

Before the state holds a general election in Miami, Florida will hold what we call a primary election. This primary is where voters cast their vote for who they choose to represent their party for political office. Nevertheless, a victory is not the end of the road for political candidates.

A win in the primary election means that a candidate holds a place to run in a general election. Florida may additionally rely on primary elections to decide delegates and party leaders without the general election process.

Once a candidate wins in a primary election, they can then go through the general elect procedure. Every state-level executive officer, this includes the governor of Florida, secretary of state, treasurer, and many more, must attain an election victory through a single-winner contest.

Single-Winner Contest Election System

The single-winner election system involves a process where a singular winner may take a post for office. Presidential elections involve one individual taking the position as President of the United States. This is an example of a single-winner contest election.

No more than one person can serve or hold office as President of the United States. The same goes for elected officials to the United States of Representatives. Voters in a particular district may only elect one person as their House representative.

Multi-Winner Contest Election System

In some scenarios, such as city hall councils, committees, etc., more than one post may remain available for selected candidates. Under these circumstances, the candidates that receive the most votes will receive the available seats.

For example, a city council may impart positions enabling an election for 3 individuals. This means that the top 3 vote totals would then receive the election win to take the available seats.

Voting in a General Election in Miami

General Election in MiamiFor voters in Miami-Dade County to partake in a general election in Miami, they must follow a few imposed laws. Any legal voter will be at least 18 years of age, a citizen of the United States and the State of Florida. Additionally, they must also be a resident of Miami-Dade County to take part in the election.

Miami-Dade County conveniently enables voters to attain their registration forms online. This includes the ability to register to vote-by-mail as well. No matter if a voter chooses to vote through post or show up in person on Election Day, they must submit their voter registration forms at least 29 days before the election.

Florida imposes no special eligibility requirements for absentee voting either. However, if a voter chooses to wait until Election day to submit an absentee ballot, this could create an issue with the Supervisor of Elections, requiring further information or preventing them from voting entirely.

Useful information on a General Election in Miami from our Team at Reach Voters

Our team from Reach Voters proudly provides information to voters and candidates alike on a wide variety of topics concerning local and municipal elections. Readers can find this information outlined in our blog.

Voting is important and represents the best way South Florida residents can have their voices heard. To learn more about voting and other pertinent information regarding a general election in Miami, reach out to our professional and dedicated team today!

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