7 Things to Keep in Mind When Creating Your Campaign Landing Page

When creating your political digital marketing campaign, there are several things you’ll want to consider. This post will highlight the seven key elements you need to simplify your landing page and convert more visitors into voters.

Political digital marketing is essential to any campaign, primarily when it’s centered on getting your message out there. Your goal is to connect with potential voters by sharing your vision and explaining why you are the best candidate while garnering support. A landing page is the first step in ensuring this connection is made.

If you aren’t interested in wasting your time, our experts at Reach Voters can accomplish the perfect landing page for you and develop an in-depth marketing strategy for your campaign. 

Benefits of a Great Campaign Landing Page

Landing pages are more flexible than your homepage and other static content, allowing you to tailor them to a specific audience. You can make these pages personal, speaking directly to your target market and values. 

A good landing page can help improve your ad campaigns by promoting special events, new products, or sales through digital channels. Some benefits directly affecting your campaign include:

  • Reaching the right voters
  • Providing valuable data about your voters
  • Ensuring voters care about your policies

If you’re running a campaign, check out the best ways to create a superior landing page!

1. Exceptional Call-to-Actions

The call to action is the most crucial part of your landing page. It should be tied explicitly to your goal and supported by everything else on your page, from the headline and body copy to images and overall layout. Call to actions communicate with your voters and should not be taken lightly. Always give your full attention to ensuring those CTAs are perfect. 

2. Simple Ways to Gather Information

Gathering information and data about your voters is essential. However, you should keep how you collect that info as simple as possible. The biggest mistake you can make is asking for too much information. If your page includes a form, ensure it only asks for the most critical information. If you’re trying to get visitors to sign up for an email newsletter, make sure you’re just asking them for their name and email address. Don’t overcomplicate things. Asking for too much information early on decreases the chances a user will complete the action you want them to take.

3. Content is Clear & Concise

Confusing content on your landing page will be your demise! When it comes to landing page copy, less is more. Save your time crafting the perfect sentence or phrase. Instead, keep everything short and sweet. Focus on getting your point across quickly. It’s safe to assume that most voters who visit your landing page already have some interest in what you have to say since they’ve clicked through from a PPC ad or email. However, even though they’re interested when they arrive, they’ll still be interested if you get to the point. Every single sentence and word on your landing page should serve a purpose, and that purpose should be to support your call to action. If it doesn’t do that, cut it.

4. Above-the-Fold Info is Essential

The fold is a term often thrown around in web design, but you should be aware of it when designing your landing pages. The fold refers to the part of your website that users can see without scrolling. This vital part of your landing page should be littered with concise yet persuasive content. For example, your call to action should be located near the top of the page, where someone can click it without having to scroll.

5. Keep the Same Look and Feel

When you create an effective landing page, match the keyword and text used in your PPC ad with the language on your landing page. Maintain consistency by repeating key phrases and language throughout your page so visitors know they are in the right place. Bring users directly to the content they are looking for – that’s where conversions happen!

6. Build Trust

Good landing pages make great use of trust, which can indicate to voters that your policies and talking points are trustworthy. Trust can take several different forms within landing pages. The classic testimonials section is always helpful when hoping to gain the trust of your voters. Capitalizing on word-of-mouth to reassure visitors with endorsements from past clients or customers is one of the most simple and practical ways to build trust. But you can also try using social media leverage, past policies that have bettered your area, and success stories from past campaigns. 

7. Test, Test, and Test Again

When you come up with your political campaign goals, create different layouts, and adjust the copy and images. Testing out what works and what doesn’t could benefit your campaign in the long run. Try out social media ads and target them to different audiences based on their demographics and interests. Change the landing page links on each test, and look through your analytics to determine what makes a good landing page with the best conversion rate. Votes are everything for your campaign.

Reach Voters Can Take Care of Everything

When you work with Reach Voters, you can be sure that your campaign will succeed. Our team is focused on ensuring the success of your campaign, and we have an excellent track record. Reach Voters was started by political campaign veterans who know what it takes to win.

Our on-hand experts will help you build landing pages that will push more votes in your direction and bring your campaign to victory lane. If you have questions about who we are and how we can assist you, please email us at info@reachvoters.com!


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