Political Meets Digital

Using the perfect combination of experience and evidence, Reach Voters organically crafts campaign strategies in Miami-Dade & Broward Counties.


Why All Our Packages Include Digital

Technology evolves with every passing election. As such, elections continue transforming as well with the digital component becoming more important concerning political campaigns. With Reach Voters, we perform all of our work in-house. Our seasoned team will provide you with optimal strategy initiatives that can help you reach your voters where it matters most: in the streets, on their mobile devices, as well as their personal computers.

Statistics Say

Time Spent Online

Time spent online every week by an average American has risen from 9.4 hours to 23.6

Internet Use at Home

Of that, time spent ogling the internet at home has risen from 3.3 to 17.6 hours a week over the same period

Digital Influence on Politics

40 percent of people now think the internet plays an integral role in American politics

Social Media Influence

62 percent of people say it’s important for maintaining social relationships

where it matters the most: in the palm of their hands!