Digital Strategy for
Political Campaigns.

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We Strategize

Our team uses cutting-edge technology to provide effective political marketing strategies.

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We Execute

We execute strategies with a combination of technology, experience, and data to reach your audience.

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We Deliver

Reach Voters delivers new ideas and big results for our clients using analytics.



Graphic Design & Branding
Web Development &
Landing Pages
Social Media
Email Marketing
Videography & Photography
Reputation Management
Search Engine Optimization
PPC & Digital Placement
Direct Mailing
Mobile Marketing
Digital Fundraising
Public Relations Strategy




Your Message in the Right Hands

Who We Are

Reach Voters is a full-service digital marketing agency based in Miami. Our digital team provides digital strategy consulting for political campaigns and candidates.

What We Do

We provide data-driven advertising strategies that help candidates reach voters where it matters most: on their mobile devices and computers.

Our Philosophy

Data and Strategy for the Win. At Reach Voters, we believe in delivering digital campaigns that help our clients get their messages in front of the right audiences.

Our Team.


Ciro Miranda

CEO & Strategist

stephanie Womble

Public Relations & Strategist

Barbara Miranda

Operations Manager

Latest Blogs.

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The media for political campaigning has evolved over the centuries, but the purpose remains the same: to cause emotional, attitudinal, and behavioral change among the audience. Thanks to channels like Youtube and Twitter, people’s capacity to learn new things about

Why Every Candidate Needs A Reputation Manager

Political decisions, opinions, and reputations are now at the forefront of essential human existence. Daily, we are confronted with an issue or resolution that a political candidate decides on. Yes, the people are the ones who chose that representative; however,

Ethics And Your Campaign: Why Public Relations Matter More Than Ever

Understanding public relations ethics is vital to running a successful campaign. Ethics are important because they set you apart from your competitors. When conducting a campaign, ethical practices should be your guiding principle when dealing with customers, media, and stakeholders.

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