Digital Fundraising: The Simple and Effective Way to Increase Contributions

Digital Fundraising: Simple and Effective

Today, let’s talk about digital fundraising and why you should really consider starting up an online fundraising campaign for your political or issues-based campaign.

We can look at digital fundraising like sales funnels within the marketing world. This is a continuous, repeating process; designed to drive predictable and sustainable fundraising growth.

Digital fundraising used to represent something that was nice to have in a political campaign. However, raising funds in a digital medium is now a crucial component of every organization’s strategy.

Two words: Simple and Effective


Let’s start with effective. Did you know that more than half of all donors use mobile wallets to make their donations? This is a clear-cut indication of the strong shift towards online fundraising. Digital fundraising is about building a community while raising money online. 

Although this follows many of the same principles as traditional fundraising, the digital approach focuses more on sustainable growth; not locked into fundraising during specific times of the year.

Nearly 45% of worldwide donors are enrolled in monthly giving programs. Additionally, more than half of all non-profit website traffic originates from mobile and tablet users. 

We already know that in 2020, virtually every industry shifted to digital technology and fundraising is no exception. Seemingly overnight, everything transitioned to online: 

  • Video Conferencing
  • Increased Online Shopping
  • Virtual Events i.e., the “New Normal”

As a result, many companies and non-profit organizations found they had not adequately invested in data technology.

Concerning digital fundraising, 76% of those surveyed indicated insufficient budgets and staff (nearly 90% of responses were small to medium-sized non-profit organizations).

As we begin to return to “normal” the question you must ask yourself; is it better to invest in data technology and manage it yourself or invest in a digital marketing team that has already made the investment, has the expertise to get the most from it, and the expertise to market your cause?


Moving on to the next part: Simple. 

Although marketing isn’t easy, it can be with the right digital marketing company by your size. The modern digital marketing industry certainly offers numerous tools you can use. Nevertheless, it takes a significant time and energy investment, in addition to specialized expertise to get the most out of these programs.

Touching back on 76% of organizations surveyed said they were understaffed. Enlisting an expert marketing team with the time and specialty to handle digital fundraising, could notably alleviate these issues as opposed to an organization taking on yet another project that may exacerbate their issues.

It is also important to note that most donors still prefer to contribute their funds to nonprofit organizations through traditional means. This means combining traditional fundraising efforts with a professional digital marketing team will likely improve donor engagement.

Digital Fundraising Campaigns | Reach Voters

This is why we like to think “elegant” is a better term for online fundraising. With the right digital marketing team, you can tell your story in graphics and videos to a targeted audience making for a more personalized, elegant experience.

There is no proverbial “tin cup” being waved in front of their face, begging for some spare change. Your cause is presented for maximum effect, and they simply sell themselves on the idea of supporting your cause.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how our digital marketing service can help your political or issues-based fundraising, give Reach Voters a call and let’s see if we will be a fit.