Miami-Dade Election Results

Local Elections Results in Miami-Dade

On August 18th, Miami-Dade voters had sent in their final Vote by Mail ballots, early voting had concluded, and in-person voting was taking place before polling places came to a close.

Experts predicted the Miami-Dade election results would show a higher mail-in vote than in years prior, and this would turn out to be an accurate prediction. 

While Miami-Dade has 1,499,402 registered voters, there were only 423,888 ballots cast. A voter turnout of 28.27% out of all Miami-Dade registered voters.

State & Local Miami Races

During the primary election season, Miami-Dade saw non-partisan and party representatives for upcoming general election seats. 

These Miami local races included:

  • Judicial Seats
  • County Commissioners
  • State Representatives
  • Congressional Representatives
  • State Committeeman
  • County Mayor
  • County Property Appraiser
  • School Board Member
  • Council Members
  • Miami-Dade State Attorney,

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many political campaigns in Miami had a high social media presence to reach voters who would be voting from home in higher numbers.

The State of Florida is a closed primary state. This means that registered Republicans would only see Republican candidates. 

Democratic candidates would only see democratic candidates running in their districts and chose who would represent their general party. 

Of course, except for non-partisan seats, which were present on all ballots for Miami-Dade Voters.

Miami-Dade Local Election Results

We saw several incumbents challenged in Miami-Dade races such as Judicial, Commissioner, State Representative, Property Appraiser, and Miami-Dade State Attorney. 

With this primary, most incumbent candidates came out triumphant in their races for this particular election. 

The Mayoral Race drew the most attention with Miami-Dade voters as it will move forward as a runoff race, continuing to the general elections cycle. 

Miami-Dade General Election

In the upcoming November elections, not only will voters see local candidates on the ballot for local seats, but we will also see the presidential race on the ballot.

As the general approaches, most voters may be well acquainted with their district candidates, research is still done on the national level and even the upcoming runoff races. 

Voters will have a second opportunity to support and vote in their candidate for the Mayoral seat. 

They will also be electing the next United States President. If the primary indicates how the general may look, we may not see much change in voter behavior in Miami-Dade county. 

However, this also depends on the levels of grassroots and daily campaigning. We may see an increase in the upcoming months. Campaigns have roughly 50 days to encourage, engage, and flip supporters in favor of their candidates for Miami-Dade County.

Reach Voters I Political Campaigns in Miami

Our team works hard to ensure we provide the right information to voters in the South Florida community. With several elections upcoming and ongoing political campaigns that can notably affect Miami-area residents, it’s crucial to stay informed.

Reach Voters is engaged in helping voters and candidates find nuanced ways to communicate and interact, especially in the fast-growing social media platforms. This includes all the pertinent information on Miami local elections results, in addition to some of the most important election choices to shape our area and the nation at large.

To stay up-to-date with all the latest news and information on political campaigns in Miami, as well as the entire South Florida area, reach out to Reach Voters today!


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