3 Email Marketing Tactics For The Win

When you sit down with your campaign team to discuss strategy, email marketing needs to be at the top of the list. Of all of the various forms of communication that have emerged, email marketing, when done correctly, remains strong and continues to grow.

Political email marketing services still deliver a strong return on investment when done correctly. Email allows you to quickly respond to news events, campaign events, derogatory information about your campaign, and so forth. Also, email allows you to send personalized emails to your subscribers, which tend to generate better open rates than non-personalized emails.

Think about it, how likely would be to open an email with your name on it? Rather than sending emails with a subject line that reads:

Come meet my team and me at…

Instead, your emails read:

Hey Jim, Would love to see you at my next rally…

But there is more than just writing creative emails. There are tactics and strategies that you should use to be more effective in your communications, and this is where you’ll want dedicated email marketing professionals on your political team rather than some friends or volunteers. You’ll want a dedicated political email marketing service to manage your email marketing.

Political Email Marketing Strategies For Your Campaign

  1. Grow and Capitalize Your Contact List

One of the first things your political email marketing service will work on is establishing and growing your contact list. There are many ways to do this, but most are time-consuming. Having a professional political email marketing team on board with your campaign frees up your valuable time to meet potential voters, attend events, give interviews, and so forth.

A professional political email marketing team knows how and where to collect data that will benefit your campaign and limit your exposure to sending emails reported as “spam”. But more important than growing your contact list, your email marketing team knows how to capitalize your list for maximum effectiveness.

From your contact list, your political email marketing team will know how to generate the various types of email campaigns needed, such as Intro emails, Engagement, Segmentation, Re-engagement, Calls-to-Action emails, and such that should be sent for maximum engagement with those on your list.

  1. List Segmentation to Target Voters

One of the biggest mistakes in email marketing is sending the same email to everyone on your contact list. Imagine if you donated money to a campaign and the next email you received was a request for money without ever getting a “thank you” email from the campaign acknowledging your contribution. How many more times do you think you’d contribute to that campaign?

A dedicated and professional political email marketing service knows how to segment your list to better target your supporters and potential supporters. By segmenting your list, you will send the right email to the right audience.

 Let’s say, for example, your campaign is running on the platform of environmental concerns, school reform, and gun rights. By segmenting your list, your political email marketing service can send specific emails to specific targets to generate greater interest in your campaign rather than one blanket email, which two-thirds of your audience may discard because of lack of interest.

  1. Using Analytics

By using analytics, your email marketing team will know which emails are working and which ones are not. Knowing which emails resonate with which particular group to trigger a greater response is very important when you’re sending out call-to-action emails.

By using analytics, you will know who is engaged and who needs a reminder. You’ll know who visits your webpage and who hasn’t. You’ll know who has donated to your campaign, how often, and who has yet to donate. 

In short, by utilizing analytics, you can hone in on your supporters’ behavior which will help you drive the right messages to the right audience, which will entice them when you send a call-to-action email.

Reach Voters With Political Email Marketing Services!

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