Politics 2022: Is It Digital Marketing for the Win?

Run Digital Marketing Political Campaigns in 2022

Since early 2008, digital marketing in politics has continued to grow by leaps and bounds. Candidates quickly identified the growing digital marketing industry that can help them reach out to voters in ways that weren’t possible in prior election cycles.

Digital marketing political campaigns offer candidates and campaigns various opportunities to influence an election and sway voters by providing digital methods to reach constituents (and potentially new voters) where they are. In most instances, this location remains in some form of an online medium.

Now is the time to embrace digital marketing in politics for politicians and their campaigns. With election season on the horizon again, digital strategizing can help drive the results candidates need for success.

Achieving Greater Granular Reach with Digital Marketing in Politics

Most voters today remain active online. Understanding how demographics interact with digital channels and their relationship with politics can help candidates tailor campaign advertising to achieve winning results.

Baby boomers remain the largest group of the voting-eligible population. Older generations have traditionally been the most likely to turn out and cast their vote. However, 2004 marked the peak number for the baby boomer demographic, indicating a potentially slow decline in its voting power.

Generation X and Millenials are beginning to approach baby boomers in their share of the American electorate. Since entering the voter group in the 2004 election, millennial voters have steadily increased. This group notably impacted the 2020 election, a trend we can expect will continue in 2022 and beyond.

Generation Z is now a voting generation similar to the millennial group. This group is known for social consciousness and practicality, traits that drive voting patterns. Gen Z also remains the most diverse generation in the history of the United State, informing much of their voter preference.

Digital Marketing Political Campaigns on a Demand Platform

The majority of adults today gather information about upcoming elections through digital channels.  This accessibility means campaigns can reach and engage voters on multiple platforms while delivering targeted content right to a voter’s hand.

The right network or platform will offer features and support to help politicians plan their campaign, launch it, and optimize it swiftly and effectively.

Through social and digital media, marketers and political campaigns can track digital marketing in politics through forecasting to better understand how a campaign scales and performs. Campaigns can additionally target voters who have expressed interest.

Similarly, campaigns can rely on methods like geotargeting and geofencing. These methods involve delivering content to predetermined audiences based on their geographic location and district.

Campaigns can take this a step further by building a “geofence” around a location where they know an audience or potential voter demographic is found. This can represent a campaign district or location where politicians remain active or hold rallies.

Finally, campaigns can utilize contextual targeting to target niche key phrases related to the campaign’s platform and concerns related to a targeted audience.

Start Digital Marketing in Politics Today | Reach Voters

As spending on digital marketing in politics has continued to grow, 2022 should be no exception. Throughout the pandemic, voters have spent increased time on mobile and digital platforms. The pandemic accelerated an already growing adoption of digital mediums that has helped drive the momentum of the digital medium to win the share of voter attention.

Political campaigns can take advantage of the increasingly digital world we live in by leveraging their advertising efforts. In 2022, politicians must plan, prepare, and implement digital political marketing that reaches the right voters.

To learn more about running political ad campaigns and digital marketing in politics, reach out to our team from Reach Voters to get started on a political campaign today!

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