You’ve Been Elected! Now Your Re-election Campaign Begins

Congratulations! You fought a hard, grueling battle. The endless phone calls soliciting donors for money. Shooting campaign videos. Meeting with constituents and potential voters. Shaking hands and kissing babies. You did all of the things your campaign manager, communications manager, and all of your handlers asked of you. And you WON!

You’re in office now. Now, what happens? Well, if you’re smart – and you know you are – your re-election campaign just got underway. Part of an effective re-election campaign strategy is having a solid digital presence. 

Stay Connected to Reach Voters


The one mistake that many candidates make once they get into office is thinking that since they won the election, everyone loves them and is ready to vote for them no matter what. Now, this may be the case for some candidates who have great charisma. But for the vast majority, it simply is not.

Staying in contact and connected to voters is imperative and your social media channels, political website and email marketing strategy are ways to deliver information. But a good political digital marketing strategy includes effective messaging.

Now that you’re in office, you must keep your “favorables” or “likeability” positive. Oh sure, you can post cute pictures of your pets or maybe some “behind the scenes” photos of you on the phone sitting behind your desk. That’s the easy stuff. 

It’s the hard stuff you’re going to have to sell because now that you’re in office, you will have to make some hard decisions that may upset some of your constituents.

Think about a time when you received a promotion at a job. You went from being one of the group to being the leader of the group. Remember thinking to yourself, “this isn’t what I thought it would be like.” 

Why? Because there are going to be emotional issues for some that you either campaigned for or against, once you get into a position where you can make change, you discover the real issue is not what you thought it was.

Now you may have to vote against what you campaigned for or against. This is when you’re going to want to keep your social media campaign experts close at hand.

Politician shaking hands with a supporter at a rally.
Your re-election work begins as soon as you get elected—not any later! Being on top of your social media campaign is the key.

Reach Voters on Social Media


Much like during your election campaign, your social media campaign experts will be able to tell your story, with all of its changes or explanations, at the best times and in the best manner for maximum reach and do it on the fly. 

Your social media campaign experts know you. They keep track of events to boost your “favorables” so you don’t have to. And importantly, they know how to craft messaging on difficult events or complex issues.


Reach Voters With The Right Message


Now that you’re in office, you’ll still want to keep in touch with your constituents. Your digital political campaign strategy and marketing are vital to your re-election.

Having that constant personal engagement with your constituents and donors will make them feel as though you are always close to them and will significantly help your re-election campaign. Your social media campaign experts will be right there, paving the way for you.

For more information on messaging strategy and political digital marketing, contact Reach Voters to set up a consultation!