What Exactly Should Be On Your Campaign Website

Building Dynamic, Effective Political Campaign Websites

Most companies, causes, organizations, and even the government possess a website. Political campaigns serve as no exception to this rule. The most effective candidates need to wield a significant online presence that will enable them to disperse their message while simultaneously presenting themselves to voters. This all begins with political campaign websites.

While we have seen this to significant effect in recent national elections, many local candidates fail to utilize their campaign to its full potential. Unfortunately, the internet remains littered with static, boring websites that offer little more than a few short lines of text describing the candidate’s credentials. At most, they’ll offer a signup sheet for the campaign’s mailing list.

If you want to harness a dynamic and creative website that can help you outshine the competition, the team from Reach Voters is here to help with some advice on what to include on most political campaign websites.

Custom Domain Name

It is hard to take any political candidate seriously when their website reads: www.joesixpackfordistrictcomptroller.wordpress.com. While nothing is inherently wrong with utilizing a platform like WordPress or Blogger, political campaign websites should convey a professional, serious approach.

It only takes 10 to 20 dollars to establish a custom domain that can actually integrate into your existing web platform. This will offer your website (and therefore your campaign) some stimulated professionalism and legitimacy.

Campaign Logo

Some candidates may look at their political campaign as a short-term stop on their road to success. Nevertheless, political candidates may not be selling a product, but they are selling themselves, as well as their message.

For this reason, political campaign websites must feature a creative campaign logo to help develop a brand around the candidacy. This is what most viewers will associate with the campaign as they see it.

A visually compelling logo is crucial to include on everything from press releases to a campaign website. This is one of the most crucial components to success in the digital marketing age as a visual representation of the campaign, the candidate, and their online presence.

Fundraising Page

Reach Voters has discussed fundraising somewhat extensively as a significant roadblock in any political campaign local, and on a national scale. Online donations represent a relatively new market, and political campaign websites must implement fundraising pages for success.

The key to a successful online fundraising initiative in a political campaign is ensuring that every web page, email ad, and even social media content pieces feature a donation page link. This enables followers the opportunity to contribute to the political campaign every time they interact with a candidate's online material.

Media Gallery

A political campaign is not simply about the candidate themselves. Most (at least the successful ones) focus on the community. The best candidates demonstrate their engagement with the community and that a vote for their campaign represents a vote to benefit the voters.

By adding a photo gallery to political campaign websites, candidates can feature photos of themselves with voters wherever they go. This reflects that people remain engaged with the campaign and that the candidate has followers ready to listen and support them.

Tips on Political Campaign Websites from Reach Voters

Political Campaign WebsitesSetting up an effective campaign website may seem like an insurmountable task for some candidates. However, this is probably an easier task than they think. Nonetheless, it is crucially important not to overlook modern voter demographics like so many other candidates.

For more help with your political campaign, or for more advice on developing effective political campaign websites, get in touch with Reach Voters today!