Everything Is Local: How to Get Out the Right Message in a Local Election

Election season is here, and while many citizens concentrate solely on presidential elections, local races here in Miami-Dade County have a significant impact on our lives.

The candidates in down-ballot races for county commission, mayor, state senate, judicial seats, may not be as known to voters as those running in national races, garnering mainstream media coverage. 

Local candidates are now turning to digital communication to reach voters in Miami, as part of their political marketing campaign strategy.

Reaching Voters Through Digital Political Marketing

Free and fair elections are the greatest symbol of democracy. Our political system provides candidates access to voters and the freedom to develop their political branding and messaging to target the issues that matter most to voters.

In the rapidly growing and changing social media era, local candidates are recognizing the importance of having active social media accounts with relevant information.

The Benefits of Going Digital

  • Cost: TV and radio spots are often costly compared to digital marketing
  • Voter Accessibility: Americans spend most of their time on social media or surfing the web
  • Targeting: Social media and digital advertising provides candidates the opportunity to target specific audiences

Local Messaging Matters in Your Political Marketing 

Voters look for candidates they agree with and relate to as well, which is why your political brand and message development matters.

When the candidate’s social media content addresses issues that affect residents, it will draw more followers. 

The more followers you have, the more likely it is that these are local voters who may see you as a candidate they will want to elect. 

When it comes to local issues, voters always search online and social media to see who is speaking on them and take action. 

Social Media is a powerful tool because candidates’ content can go viral on social media in their districts and even nationally.

Social media users may share your content in their feeds to raise awareness about their preferred candidates to other voters. 

Community Engagement & Your Political Brand

Most local voters tend to support candidates they see tackling issues that affect all residents regardless of party affiliation. 

These “quality of life” issues in Miami-Dade County include but are not limited to traffic, public safety, transportation, economic development, and taxation.

Not only do voters want to see the candidate talking about the issues but see them in action. 

Voters will visit a candidate’s profiles and pay attention to what the candidate posts, as well as how involved they remain in the community. Seeing who they follow on social media also gives voters an idea of what the candidate may prioritize. 

Voters also look at what pictures the candidate is tagged in to see what events or issues they are supporting.

A candidate’s daily posts and weekly community engagement is vital to building a following and increasing exposure.

The more a voter sees a candidate involved and supporting their community, the more attention they will draw. With this attention, they can additionally gain more supporters. 

Reach Voters Successfully Through Political Marketing 

Political candidates realize the importance of digital political branding in Miami

At Reach Voters, we strive to help voters and candidates navigate the new age of digital media and branding. 

Creating the engagement and outreach between the two with the fast growth of social media,  Reach Voters is here to answer and give guidance to any questions that may arise.

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