There’s an Election in August! Are You Ready?

Miami-Dade County’s Aug. 18th Primary Election is right around the corner! As a voter, preparation is the key to a smooth voting process.

Many voters are not aware of the candidates running for office in their district and often decide not to participate in the election process.

However, to exercise your right to vote is a citizen’s patriotic duty and we encourage voters to be informed. The people we elect into office will make decisions that will impact our lives on a local, state, and national level. 

Taking the time to study the issues and candidates on the ballot and deciding how you will vote will take the stress out of the voting process. 

Here is some information Reach Voters is sharing to help you understand your voting options:

Register To Vote

To vote, you have to register to vote with the elections office. You can register to vote a voting registration drive during any political campaign outreach event or by visiting the elections office website. 

The website gives you the option to request a registration form, which can be sent to your home, or filled out through the online application

The website also allows already registered voters to update their contact information and political party. 

Once the information is received and processed, the elections office will send the voter their voter identification card with their assigned election precinct.

Once you are registered to vote, you should think about how you want to cast your ballot. 

There are three options available to voters:

Voting on Election Day

The first option is to vote in person on election day at your designated polling location. Your polling location is listed on your voter registration card. 

Polls open at 7 a.m. on election day and close at 7 p.m. It is good to review a sample ballot before you vote so that you can make an informed decision. Reducing the time spent in the voting booth.

Early Voting

Another voting option is to vote early. Early Voting is a convenient way for many who want to avoid the long lines but cast their vote in person. 

As Miami-Dade County deals with the Covid-19 pandemic, some voters still wish to visit the polls but want to avoid the crowds on election day. 

There are early voting locations throughout Miami-Dade County, which voters can choose to visit.  

AB Voting

Absentee Ballot or Vote-by-Mail is also an option if you want to avoid going to your polling location but still want to exercise your right to vote.

In light of the pandemic, many of Miami’s political campaigns are asking voters to consider voting by mail. As you being the process to vote by mail, keep in mind the deadline to request a vote by mail ballot.

Races on the Ballot

As voters make their way to the polls, campaign strategists in Miami-Dade are working to reach voters in various ways. 

Whether it’s through signs on display around your city, TV ads, or social media, gaining your vote is their primary objective. 

Each voter must understand the power of their vote and make their ballot choices as an educated voter. 

Doing your part to be an educated voter gives way for a quick and more effortless voting process. 

Reach Voters encourages you to exercise your right to vote! For more information on elections, political campaigns in Miami, and voter outreach visit us here.

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