Freedom, Independence and Your Right to Vote

Independence Day | Miami-Dade Voting

Independence Day. The Fourth of July. It’s a special day for every American. No matter where you come from, what or who you believe in, or where you stand on the political arena, Independence Day was a promise made in 1776 to all future Americans’ that our dreams and voices would always be heard.

Our Founding Fathers established a democracy that would guarantee us the right to express ourselves freely.

The United States became a symbol of freedom to many countries around the world and many referring to the way of life in the US as the American Dream. A message so important, that it has been used by various political campaign outreach messaging in both political parties. A country that gives us the freedom to dream of a better life and a guarantee that any goal, big or small is possible.

Our founding fathers also gave us the right to vote. Voting and democracy are important to us at Reach Voters so we have some important information to share with you.

Voting in an Essential Part of Democracy

As Americans, we have the privilege to vote our leaders into office.

Many of the decisions made on a federal level can impact our daily living. It is our duty to make sure that the elected officials taking office are just as devoted to ensuring that our democracy stays intact.

We all may not always agree on every topic, but we can make sure that the leaders we elect have our best interests and most importantly can work together. We can analyze through a candidate’s campaign strategy if he or she will be able to carry this important task.

Voting also helps us keep our elected officials accountable if they haven’t been sincere with their constituents, we have the power to vote them out of office.

Exercise your right to vote and register this Independence Day!

Not Everyone Has The Right to Vote

Throughout our Nation’s history, we have worked for inclusion. The granting of the 15th amendment, Women’s Suffrage, and young Americans protesting for the right to vote at age 18. These all represent examples that in a free democracy you can raise your voice, be heard, and bring about real change. Remembering history reminds you to always exercise your right to vote.

We must not take the challenges and struggles for granted that those before us faced to keep our rights intact.

Today, the black community, women, and young Americans have the right to vote and have their voices heard in every vital election.

However, this is not the case for many countries who are under dictatorships where their citizens’ votes are not fairly counted and where voting rights have been delayed for several minority groups.

How To Register To Vote

No matter where you stand on the political spectrum this is an important election year, so make it count.

As political campaigns in Miami gear up to win your vote, it is important to take steps as a voter and make sure to have met all the requirements and deadlines.

Registering to vote can be fairly simple: visit Miami-Dade County’s election website and register to vote online.

If you’re a person who prefers the more tangible way you can print out a copy and have it delivered to the election supervisor’s office.

Another tip is when visiting your local DMV office to get or renew your license, you can also apply for or update your voter registration card.

Make sure you research and stay updated with the voting deadlines in your district if you choose to vote by mail during our current COVID-19 pandemic.

Political Campaigns Miami | Reach Voters

At Reach Voters, we want to make sure everyone has the right information and insights available during the election season. We encourage every citizen of The United States of America to exercise their right to vote and help keep our democracy intact.

We encourage every voter to stay updated, informed, and engaged in this election cycle. To learn more about political campaigns in Miami, Contact Reach Voters with any questions, concerns, and guidance that may arise during this election season. We are always ready to help!