​Has a Crisis Halted Your Campaign: Why You Beed Digital Marketing as Part of Your Messaging Strategy​


The Coronavirus(COVID-19), has swept the country and brought most non-essential businesses to a halt. The pandemic has changed the way we work, socialize, shop, and basically live our lives. It’s a difficult time for businesses but it presents challenges for political campaigns as well.

If you are a candidate running for office you are navigating chartered waters. In times like these, it is very difficult for a political candidate to conduct any fundraising or host any meetings with constituents.

Voter outreach and grassroots canvassing efforts are challenging and candidates are looking for creative and innovative ways to connect and get information to voters.

Reaching constituents and getting information to voters is imperative for any successful campaign.  Voters want information. They want to know who you are and what you stand for and in a crisis situation, they want to know what you are doing. Voters want to connect.

So, what is the best way to get a message out and connect? Many candidates are embracing digital marketing messaging. Here’s why:


Information Flow During a Crisis

During a crisis, situation information is flowing very fast. And there is usually a lot of it. But sorting out the facts from rumors can be equally challenging. 

For political candidates, your crisis communication strategy is vital.  And getting your message out quickly and accurately is crucial. Digital marketing is the fastest way to get information into the hands of those who need it.

If you don’t have a digital marketing component, how will you respond to your opponents’ comments?  How will you lead your constituents to calm during a crisis?  How will your constituents still communicate with you?  How will you hear their needs?

Reach Voters The Right Way.

Every elected official and political candidate needs a strong digital presence, especially during a crisis. If you rely on traditional messaging to get time-sensitive information out, your flyers will be outdated by the time they arrive at homes.  Your door-to-door campaign is shut down during a crisis situation.  And your television commercials will appear as if you’re campaigning in the middle of a tragedy. 

Digital Marketing allows you to do the following:


  • Get information out fast
  • Reach voters where they spend time
  • Tell your story and define who you are
  • Talk about the issues
  • Connect in real-time
  • Allow for two-way communication and feedback from voters


Your Message Matters: What Do You Say?

In the middle of a crisis, people want a sense of normalcy, not campaign rhetoric.  People want to connect and communicate. They want to be heard, especially during a crisis.

At Reach Voters, we can target your crisis communications to those who need it most, your voters.  Whether you want to give your constituents the latest information or just be a source of comfort in the storm, we can help you achieve your objective.  

Have Questions About Digital Marketing Messaging in a Crisis?  

Our experts have decades of crisis communications.  Let us help. If you’re thinking about running for political office or you have an awareness campaign you’d like to promote, you need a company that has the experience, the knowledge, and who will be completely honest with you.  Contact us today to see if we can help grow your campaign.

At Reach Voters, we like WINNING!  We use the perfect combination of technology, experience, and evidence to organically craft campaign strategies to win elections for our clients or bring awareness to their campaign. Follow along with our blog and contact our team today to learn more!


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