The Need For Speed: Campaign Messaging During a Crisis

Political Campaigns and Digital Marketing

The Need for Speed

When it comes to your awareness campaign or political campaign, digital marketing should play a significant role in your campaign strategy. Why you ask? Speed and flexibility.  

When you manage a political campaign or an awareness campaign, speed is the name of the game. If you want to reach voters and win, you have to get in front of political issues quickly, and you need to respond to situations and attacks just as quickly.

Digital Marketing: The Modern Way to Reach Your Voters

In politics, information seems to move much faster than in the business world. Wait too long to respond to an attack by an opponent, and your political campaign or awareness campaign may be dead before it gets going. While you’re scrambling to come up with a response, your opponent has moved on to their next attack.  

In the political campaign world, a few lost hours dealing with political issues can be the difference in winning or losing an election. Every moment spent readjusting, re-tooling, contacting the printer of your print media, contacting the video crew to shoot another commercial is wasted time that your opponent is using to move further ahead.

Rapid Response to a Crisis

A crisis needs a prompt response. Digital marketing platforms are the best way to get vital information out quickly.

Now, with traditional marketing, the time it would take to produce a flyer or television commercial would take too long. By the time you provide a public service announcement to your community, everyone has already talked about it, readjusted their plans, and moved on. And your delayed response will come across as a lapse in leadership.  Speed is everything.

We at Reach Voters were able to generate content and graphics within an hour and have them sent to our client for approval while maintaining our initial messaging campaign, speed, and flexibility. From there, we’re able to track the analytics of our message and revise it to capture our target audience.

Not All Digital Marketers Are the Same

Most digital marketers specialize in business marketing, posting graphics of a sale, or maybe a short video of something that happened in their client’s shop. Typically, businesses aren’t responding to news cycles the way elected officials and political candidates must.  

Speed, flexibility, and mindset matter when you are looking for a digital marketing company to handle your campaign. You need a digital marketing company that understands the political world and the need for timely response and on-point message strategy.

At Reach Voters, we have a completely different mindset. We have shorter response windows, and we have hardened deadlines. Think about it, and we have to generate a winning message right up to Election Day.  

Reach Voters with Winning Strategy

If you’re thinking about running for political office or you have an awareness campaign you’d like to promote, you need a company that has the experience, the knowledge, and who will be completely honest with you. Contact us today to see if we can help grow your campaign.

At Reach Voters, we like WINNING!  We use the perfect combination of technology, experience, and evidence to organically craft campaign strategies to win elections for our clients or bring awareness to their campaign. Contact Reach Voters for more information on how we can help you win!


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