Here’s How Digital Spending Will Affect Elections in 2020

Digital Ad Spending May Demonstrate the Largest Gains in 2020

Political campaigns are increasingly relying on digital advertising to reach voters. As we move into the 2020 election cycle, campaigns are predicted to spend more than six billion dollars. This is a 14 percent increase over the 5 billion dollars spent during the 2018 midterms, as well as a nearly 40 percent increase over the last presidential campaign in the year 2016.

Although Election Day remains more than a year away, media marketing companies are still experiencing a significant premium regarding funding for political advertising. 

2020 stands to serve as a record-setting year regarding digital advertising spending from political candidates.

While local television represents the largest recipient of funding, candidates continue to invest additional advertising dollars into other mediums like local cable and digital marketing initiatives. 

Our team from Reach Voters is providing some information on how this money breaks down, in addition to predicting some of the areas that might demonstrate the most growth. Read on to learn more!

Funding for Digital Advertising

2018 political campaigns set a record for digital ad spending. With shockingly high numbers, in addition to increased activity in presidential years versus nonpresidential years combined with could potentially reflect the most important U.S. election ever.

This exponential growth from year to year is mostly the result of increased competition between political parties, as well as the capabilities and platforms for digital advertising and fundraising abilities.

Fundraising on the internet is now bigger than ever. Candidates have more access to reach their constituents, potential voters, etc. This opportunity results in substantially more cash flow in the system. These increases come as the digital marketing industry remains expected to continue growing as well.

Nevertheless, in spite of significant contributions from technology firms in digital ad spending, excluding political spending, digital ad growth may decelerate. The ad economy is only so large, and only so much spending can influx the digital marketing space in the first place.

Political Contributions Provide Notable Benefits

The current political climate remains particularly divided as we enter the election season. With the coming election looming, voters are feeling compelled to get involved now more than ever.

A 2010 Supreme Court decision enabled unlimited spending by corporations and individuals in contributions to political campaigns. As a result, both individual contributors, groups, and corporations alike can spend more money on political and advocacy concerns than ever before.

What Do Increases in Traditional and Digital Ad Spending Mean?

A shift towards digital ad spending started to take place in the 2016 election season and continues to expand as we approach the 2020 campaign season. Digital advertising contribution percentages now rival the level of more traditional outlets like cable television. However, traditional media will still receive an influx of significant dollar amounts amongst political spending sources. 

Nevertheless, we are observing a definite shift in political focus beginning to take shape as candidates rely on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, etc. to reach potential voters. The digital medium is simple where the people are, and candidates possess no recourse than committing their advertising funding to the digital and social mediums.

Information on Digital Ad Spending from Reach Voters

Digital and social media marketing offer political candidates an excellent way to communicate and broadcast their political messaging in a relatable way.

 To learn more about digital marketing and the current state of political digital ad spending as well as the ideal way to advertise a political campaign in a digital space, contact our team from Reach Voters today!

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