Political Marketing: How To Survive Social Media

The more social media platforms created, the more complicated it becomes to crack the formula of using social media to your advantage. Our current political climate is unlike anything we’ve ever seen merely because of this relatively new form of media. If you’re clueless about political marketing online or political social media strategy, here are a few tips from our media-savvy and marketing experts to survive social media.

Stay on Top of the News

One of the reasons why we’re in uncharted territory right now in the political sphere is because of how the news cycle has transformed through social media. Places like Twitter and Facebook allow news stories to break faster in real time than ever before. Whether it’s about the death of a iconic pop culture figure or the latest results of an election, millions of people across the world can instantaneously know about the latest story through social media and they can all begin to discuss it simultaneously. 


While it can be useful to have access to the latest news in a device as small as your phone or smart watch, there are some caveats. As fast as stories break, stories tend to die down. Once a story has phased out of the news cycle, you don’t have as much of a chance to comment on it, create content around it, and ultimately market yourself because your audience will likely not be as interested as they were when the news first broke. 


Sometimes you have only mere hours after a news story has broken to jump on the wagon and say your piece. Staying on top of the latest news that is gaining the most traction on social media can help you leverage those stories to gain more attention from your audience and market yourself all the more. Stories that have cultural, social, or political influence are all stories that you can use to your advantage to advance your political ideas, stances, and proposed policies. 


With all of the competing politicians and influences on social media, standing out from the crowd starts by making statements that people actually care about and will spark interest. Don’t have time to stay on top of the news? Hire a social media team to do it for you! A team of social media marketers can help you be on top of breaking stories and help you with content planning so you can make the most out of your social media marketing political campaigns.

One of the keys to effective political marketing is knowing how best to approach topical issues. Know when to debate, when to discuss, and when to dial it down and listen.

Don’t Stop Talking

Every public figure’s content strategy is different. Some politicians post every day, others once a week, and others post once every couple months. Knowing how frequently to post comes down to who your audience is and how much social media content they like to consume every day. Younger audiences tend to consume more content than older audiences, so if you’re trying to attract young voters but you don’t post often, they’re likely forgetting about you or feeling like you don’t engage with them enough. 


Big news stories break on social media every day, and keeping quiet about political issues that are relevant to your platform only gives the impression that you aren’t being an active public servant. No matter how often you post, remember to keep on speaking up about your platform and talking to your followers about the local, state, or national issues that they care about. 


A good way to have productive conversations with your voter base is live streaming on social media platforms. Talking to your constituents in real time and reacting to their thoughts on an issue can help them feel more connected to you and like you truly care about what they have to say. Many politicians have taken to regular live streaming on Facebook and Instagram as a way to interact with voters and non-voters alike.

Be More Than a Politician

However, your political social media strategy shouldn’t actually be just about politics. While many users online are very much a part of political debates and discussions on social media, there are many more who use platforms as a way to escape from reality and be entertained or catch up with their friends. 


While social media is a great way to grow your brand and make a name for your campaign, your content shouldn’t be all “business” and “professional”. There should be plenty of organic, more laid-back content that shows more of your personal side. People want to feel like politicians aren’t robots or actors, even though part of politics is playing a part and going through the motions. 


Go beyond that with your social media posts and show that you’re a real person. Politics can be emotionally draining, especially when the most topical issues easily stir up anger and sadness within us. Sometimes your account will need to be a little lighter and be an escape for people who need to take a break from all the noise. 


Engage your followers in more than just political debates, show them a more human side of yourself to connect with them. Add in more organic photos and videos of yourself, not just glossy photographs and news interviews. Talk to your followers one on one, make jokes, share memes that your voter base will like, etc. If you want to stay in the news, opt for a more positive and uplifting story instead. This can help unify your voter base if you’re trying to pull people from different sides of the ideological spectrum. 


Social Media Strategy: Political Marketing Campaigns | Reach Voters

Technology evolves with every passing election. As such, elections continue transforming as well with the digital component becoming more important concerning political campaigns. With Reach Voters, we perform all of our work in-house. 


Our seasoned team will provide you with optimal strategy initiatives that can help you reach your voters where it matters most: in the streets, on their mobile devices, as well as their personal computers. Give us a call today!


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Reach Voters is a full-service digital marketing agency based in Miami. Our digital team provides digital strategy consulting for political campaigns and candidates.

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    We Strategize

    To provide effective political marketing strategies.

    Reach Voters is a full-service digital marketing agency based in Miami. Our digital team provides digital strategy consulting for political campaigns and candidates.

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