Now Is The Time to Up Your Digital Game and Reach Voters

Local elections are happening across Miami-Dade County this year and in 2022. House and Senate seats will be up for grabs in 2022 as well so now is the time to get ready for the primary, general and municipal elections in Miami. 

Now is the time to not only monitor the competition but also to start upping your digital game. Creating a comprehensive digital strategy will not only get your name and brand out there in the community, but if executed properly, it will also help you reach voters and build your support.

Build Your Political Campaign: Digital Marketing

Political marketing has increased online. While direct mail, billboards, and TV commercials are still very much a part of political campaign outreach, reaching voters today involves building your online presence and making a name for yourself through digital campaigning and social media engagement. 

Reach Voters Through Social Media

Nowadays, the primary vehicle for political action is social engagement. For this reason, social media is the ideal solution for politicians to find and reach their supporters. Developing the best possible social media campaign is crucial for success, and it’s especially important to be on top of your social media accounts if you don’t have much experience running accounts, developing an online campaign, and targeting an audience. 

Our team from Reach Voters can do the hard work for you and make sure your accounts are always up to date, pushing content and reaching your targeted voter base. Even before a candidate announces their intentions to run publicly, it is essential to establish a social media presence. 

This effort means establishing and implementing a social media strategy as early as possible. Getting the help of an expert is key for developing a strategy that will get you real results. A political campaign acts very similarly to a brand platform or a business building a brand. The candidate themselves is the brand, and they need to build their reputation and campaign accordingly.

In today’s social media landscape, public figures, politicians, celebrities, etc. are no different from corporate brands. This means you can use many of the same marketing tools and tactics that businesses use to promote their products and services online. A brand is nothing without an outlined strategy that the political team can enact when in place.

Candidates should take the necessary time to develop and implement their goals and their social media strategy before launching the campaign. This will help mitigate errors while empowering campaign team members to make decisions and stay on message.

Outlining a plan of action before full campaign integration, helps the candidate and their team reach voters without ever compromising their brand image.

Reach Voters Through Graphic Design

Even though we’re in a modern age of digital marketing, campaign graphics mean as much now as they ever did. Political campaigns and elections still require extensive products and materials to help promote candidates and provide information to voters. 

As a crucial component to the branding of your campaign, our team will design everything from the graphics you utilize in your marketing collateral to the images you see on social media and email marketing pieces, and digital ads. Graphic design can easily make or break your campaign, so ensuring sleek designs and relatable messages are our specialties.

Reach Voters Through Your Website

A well-developed website is another key to your political campaign. Your story is told in your own words on your site, creating a relatable and reliable campaign. A custom website will become the go-to place for voters who are interested in you and act as a portfolio for your achievements and campaign-building assets. 

We will build your website to reflect you, the branding of your campaign, and we’ll keep it updated regularly. Your website can also provide important information regarding election dates and deadlines, as well as links to your social media profiles.

Reach Voters Through Email Marketing

Email marketing is still one of the most effective ways to reach voters. Email campaigns provide an avenue to provide long-form and brief messages directly to your audience.

We can help create email campaigns that help you:

  • Tell your story
  • Discuss issues 
  • Fundraise
  • Poll voters

Reach Voters Through Targeted Digital Advertising

Today voters are spending more and more time online, and while direct mail is still important, targeting voters online is a vital component of your digital campaign. 

At Reach Voters, we research demographics and create targeted digital advertising campaigns that will get you in front of potential voters. 

If you are considering running for office, Reach Voters can help you put together a comprehensive digital political campaign to give you an edge above the competition. Call us today for a consultation.


We Strategize

To provide effective political marketing strategies.

Reach Voters is a full-service digital marketing agency based in Miami. Our digital team provides digital strategy consulting for political campaigns and candidates.

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    We Strategize

    To provide effective political marketing strategies.

    Reach Voters is a full-service digital marketing agency based in Miami. Our digital team provides digital strategy consulting for political campaigns and candidates.

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