Primary Elections are Right Around the Corner, Here’s What You Need to Know

Primary Elections in Florida

A primary election is an election that we utilize either to narrow the field of candidates in a given office or to determine the nominees that will run in a later general election. Primary elections may take a variety of different forms.

For example, partisan primaries involve voters selecting candidates for a particular party’s office in a corresponding election. In nonpartisan primaries, we rely on these elections to narrow the field of candidates for nonpartisan offices in advance of a general election.

Primary elections can provide numerous benefits to democracy. In partisan elections, they typically strengthen and stimulate the competitiveness of involved parties. In both partisan and nonpartisan elections, this can expand candidate constituent base to a more involved and representative group of citizens. 

Nonetheless, you may wonder more. When is the primary election date? How do nonpartisan primaries work? Not to worry, our team from Reach Voters has got you covered. Read on to learn more!

Learning More About Florida’s Nonpartisan Primaries

Nonpartisan primary elections serve a public purpose. This election is conducted as a singular election where all voters and candidates remain on a single ballot. Furthermore, candidates get elected in a primary based on a “top-two” system. This means that the top two leading vote-getters then can progress to the general election.

Regarding primary elections, Florida is a closed primary state. This means that voters can only vote on candidates of the party in which they are affiliated. For example, registered Democrats may only vote in the Democratic primary, Republican voters for Republicans, and so on. However, in Florida’s nonpartisan elections, voters may vote regardless of party affiliation.

For those considering running for office and interested in their candidacy during 2019’s primary election window, the primary election date for Hialeah and Homestead is November 5th, 2019. However, candidates must announce and file to run by July 29th, 2019. 

You can learn more about the qualification process by looking at Miami-Dade’s Candidate Qualifying Handbook, and from our Reach Voters article, I Filed to Run, Now What? You can also see a breakdown of all the applicable Miami-Dade County dates, including the primary election date for your area with this handy election calendar.

Homestead is also hosting a Clean Campaign Class on August 9th, 2019 to help educate and guide potential candidates, existing candidates, campaign workers, and even politically-active residents on “clean,” ethical campaigning.

This seminar is free to all, and a great way to learn more about voting, or running a campaign in partisan and nonpartisan South Florida area elections.

Information on Upcoming Primary Elections from Reach Voters

Primary Election DateAlthough the primary elections may seem like they’re a ways away, for both candidates and voters, you have many dates regarding qualifying and voter registration that can come up pretty quick. Regardless, election time is an exciting time of year for all, and the best way to get behind a cause, or get your voice heard.

Our team from Reach Voters takes pride in guiding candidates and voters alike through what is often considered a convoluted process. To learn more, take a look at our other articles including:



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