What You Need to Know: Golden Glades Street Lighting Improvement (Special Taxing District Election)

Transferring the Street Lighting Taxing District

Currently, the Special Lighting Districts in Golden Glades remains controlled by Miami-Dade County. What this means is that Miami-Dade County makes the ultimate decision on the type of lights installed in Golden Glades, when they turn on, as well as when and how the area can make improvements.

For this reason, the City of Miami Gardens is seeking control of the Special Street Lighting Districts from Miami-Dade County to become the governing body responsible for public lighting adjustments and improvements within their own community.

On December 17th, 2019, an election is taking place to transfer the Golden Glades Street Lighting Improvement Special Taxing District. This would enable the City of Miami Gardens, as opposed to Miami-Dade County, to exercise ownership and control of the District. Our team from Reach Voters is breaking down all the information you need to know for this special ballot voting initiative.

What Transferring the Golden Glades Street Lighting District Means

Residents of the City of Miami Gardens can vote on December 11th to decide if control of the Golden Glades Street Lighting tax allocation will transfer from the County to the City. On their ballots, voters will see the following question:

“Shall the City of Miami Gardens become the governing body of the Golden Glades Street Lighting Special Taxing District so that the City, instead of Miami-Dade County, exercises ownership and control of the District as outlined in County Resolution [R-No.] and City Resolution No. 2018-01-3314?”

The question concerns the decision about making public lighting improvements made in neighborhoods in the Miami Gardens area. Miami-Dade County currently controls this process from planning to funding, as well as design and execution. The City must go through the County to initiate any actions.

The State of Florida relies on taxing districts to pay for and control things like lights in neighborhoods. This is important for residents and visitors alike as well-lit communities and roads create a feeling of safety and security. Lighting can play an integral role in building a community.

Ballots will be mailed out to voters on November 28th, 2019, and must be returned to the Supervisor of Elections by 7 P.M. on December 17th, 2019. The Miami-Dade County Voter Information Portal enables voters to request ballots, as well as refer to information on election times, locations, and where to vote.

Information on the Golden Glades Street Lighting Improvement (Special Taxing District Election) from Reach Voters

Golden Glades Street LightingIf approved, this initiative will transfer responsibility and governing of the Golden Glades Street Lighting Improvements to the community. Every vote counts and this initiative enables residents to have a say in how the decision-making process works.

Voters may wonder how Golden Glades and the greater City of Miami Gardens gets their lights, who is in control, as well as who decides when and where they go up. To get the word out regarding their opinions on this specialized lighting issue in Golden Glades, residents must cast their vote by December 17th, 2019. 

Reach Voters takes pride in educating voters and candidates alike on all things related to local and state elections in the state of Florida. To learn more about this and other issues, you can read more in our blog, or contact our dedicated team today!

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