What You Need to Know: Lakes of Tuscany Phase One Street Lighting Special Taxing District Election

Transferring Control of the Lakes of Tuscany Phase One Street Lighting Special Taxing District

On December 17th, 2019, residents in the Miami Gardens area can cast their vote to decide who takes control of taxation for Special Lighting Districts in the area between the City of Miami Gardens and Miami-Dade County,

Under the current system, the County retains control of these issues. In order to pay for and implement street lighting initiatives, Miami-Dade County designates Assessment Districts that enable them to dictate what lighting remains needed in a particular neighborhood.

The City of Miami Gardens feels that its residents should possess a greater say in the lighting issues and initiatives in their neighborhoods, including the Lakes of Tuscany, and is formally requesting control of the process.

Ultimately, the voters will decide the outcome of this Lakes of Tuscany street lighting issue, leaving many residents wondering how it will work, and how it will impact them. For this reason, Reach Voters is breaking down some information on this process, as well as the issues in question.

County Control

Currently, Miami-Dade County is the jurisdiction over any decisions that concern public improvements, in addition to special services like lighting issues. All designs get approved by the county, and they remain responsible for financial expenses incurred by the account of the Assessment District. This means they control funds in the Assessment District’s account.

City Control

Should the City of Miami Gardens take control of the Lakes of Tuscany street lighting and other neighborhood concerns in the Special Taxing District, this would mean they possess the final jurisdiction on public improvements and special services.

The city could then implement improvements without requiring public approval, responsible for the financial expenses incurred, and controlling the remaining funds in the account to disperse as the city needs.

Why This Matters

The issues with the Lakes of Tuscany Street Lighting concern change the scope and function of how residents see their money spent. Casting a vote either way can lead to transformations in the way the City of Miami Gardens and Miami-Dade County operate on a direct level.

City control would essentially mean that the City of Miami Gardens controls the Assessment District’s account funding for all the neighborhoods in this area. The City could allocate funding where they see fit as opposed to drawing on the community pool as provided by Miami-Dade County.

Information on the Lakes of Tuscany Phase One Street Lighting Special Taxing District from Reach Voters

Lakes of Tuscany Street LightingMiami-Dade County relies on taxing districts to help them pay for and control things like lighting in numerous area neighborhoods. Lighting, roadways, signage, etc. remain crucially important to maintain a functioning, welcoming, secure community.

Ballots for this special election mail out to voters on November 28th, 2019, and must be returned to the Miami-Dade County Supervisor of Elections by 7 P.M. on December 17th, 2019. Miami-Dade additionally provides a handy Voter Information Portal that facilitates ballot requests and information on election times or locations.

Our team from Reach Voters proudly offers information on local issues in South Florida, educating voters and candidates alike on these concerns and processes. To learn more about the Lakes of Tuscany Street Lighting Special Taxing District issues, consult our blog, or contact our professional and dedicated team today!

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