What You Need to Know: Palmetto Lakes Industrial Park Street Lighting Improvement Project Election

The Transfer of Power – Who Controls Palmetto Lakes Street Lighting?

Palmetto Lakes is attempting to gain control of its own Special Street Lighting Districts, including the areas Industrial Street Lighting Improvement Project. Miami-Dade County currently controls the Special Lighting Districts in the Palmetto Lakes area.

What this means is that the Town of Miami Lakes that incorporates the Palmetto Lakes Industrial Street Lighting Improvement Project must go through the county to make improvements, changes, etc. This proposal additionally means Miami-Dade County remains in control of when and where the lights come on, in addition to the types of improvements the town can make.

By changing control of Special Street Lighting Districts from Miami-Dade County to the Town of Miami Lakes, the area hopes to exercise ownership and control, enabling them to remain in control of their funding and operations for street lighting. 

Because this issue concerns something that can directly affect residents, casting their vote is important. Many may wonder how this works and how it will impact them. Our team from Reach Voters is sharing some information to help. Read on to learn more.

What Does the Transfer Really Mean?

Residents of the Miami Lakes area will vote on December 17, 2019, to decide control of their Street Lighting Tax allocation. This determines if this allocation will transfer from Miami-Dade Country control to the Town of Miami Lakes.

This ballot initiative will concern residents because it directly impacts public lighting improvements made in their neighborhoods, including the Palmetto Lakes Industrial Street Lighting Improvement Project.

The State of Florida depends and relies on taxing districts to help them pay for and maintain things like street lighting, public lighting for parks, as well as neighborhood lighting. These remain crucial issues for these resident voters because well-lit areas can help communities not only feel safe and secure but adds additional security as well.

Furthermore, by reallocating this taxing district, this changes the scope and function of how residents will see their tax dollars distributed. A vote in either direction will directly modify the way the Town of Miami Lakes and Miami-Dade County operate in regards to lighting maintenance, account spending, and project implementation.

Voters will receive ballots on November 28, 2019. They must return these ballots to the Miami-Dade Supervisor of Elections by 7 P.M. on deadline day December 17, 2019. Voters can request ballots and refer to other associated information regarding election times, locations, and where they can vote through Miami-Dade County’s Voter Information page.

Palmetto Lakes Street LightingInformation on the Palmetto Lakes Industrial Park Street Lighting Improvement Project Election


Voting still represents the best way that residents can have their voices heard on important issues that directly affect the safety, security, and appeal of their community. For this reason, it is crucially important that voters understand the process, as well as who controls their lights and decides when and where they can go up.

Reach Voters takes pride in the role we serve, educating on local South Florida elections issues. We additionally provide information on events in the area, guidance for candidates and voters alike. This includes ways to extend and optimize campaign outreach and important concerns for voters.

To learn more about Palmetto Lakes Street Lighting and other local issues, consult our blog, or contact the Reach Voters team today!

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