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How to Qualify (and Run) for Office in South Florida

For South Florida political candidates to see their name on a Florida ballot, they must meet various qualification requirements, as well as deadlines. These “ballot access laws” determine whether or not a political candidate can appear on an election ballot.

State legislatures establish and outline these laws, and candidates must meet them far in advance of any primaries, caucuses, and general elections. With a notable amount of rhetoric and a relatively convoluted qualification and election process for candidates in the South Florida community, Reach Voters is breaking down some information on candidate qualifications in Miami-Dade County. Read on to learn more!

Elections in South Florida

Candidates must determine if they meet basic requirements to even run for office. These vary by position; however, all candidates must meet candidate qualifications and deadlines for the position in which they intend to run.

The Supervisor of Elections oversees all elections within Miami-Dade County. Any citizen who remains a qualified elector and a resident in the county for at least one year before filing can serve as a candidate for city office.

To become a candidate, aspirant individuals must file the following documents with the Miami-Dade County Clerk before opening a campaign account, receiving any contributions, or making any campaign expenditures:

  • (DS-DE 9) Appointment of Campaign Treasurer and Designation of Campaign Depository for Candidates –  a campaign depository must reflect a bank, savings and loan association, or credit union that remains authorized to conduct business in the State of Florida. The account must additionally remain separate from any personal or business accounts.
  • (DS-DE 84) Statement of Candidate – Candidates must file this form within ten days of the DS-DE 9. This outlines a candidate’s provided access to read and understand State Candidate Qualifications, as stated in Chapter 106, Florida Statutes.
  • Various other forms and fees outlined in the 2020 Candidate Qualifying Summary.

Miami-Dade County outlines information on candidate qualifying dates in the 2020 Candidate Qualifying Summary. Candidates may also find useful information on the elections process and required candidate qualifications in the 2020 Candidate Qualifying Handbook. Additionally, the county also provides information on qualifying dates in the 2020 Candidates Qualifying Dates (PDF).

Information on Candidate Qualifications from Reach Voters

Running for office is one of the best ways to give back to the community. Regardless if this means taking a post in the city council, as a city representative, or even the school board, every candidate begins their journey by deciding to run.

Making it on to a ballot takes a notable amount of time, effort, and money. Political campaigns can take a toll on candidates, as well as their supporters. Nonetheless, as leaders in the community, these individuals wield the ability (and position) to enact change while creating a positive impact.

Choosing to run will depend on various factors. Do you possess the prerequisite ability to devote time and work to get the job done? Do you understand your goals for your newly elected position?

Our team from Reach Voters takes pride in educating and guiding both candidates and voters on the specific information related to the South Florida elections. To learn more about the necessary candidate qualifications in Miami-Dade or Broward County, contact our dedicated today!

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