#ReachVotersVerdict: Do’s and Don’ts of Flyering For Your Campaign

Flyers and Other Guerilla Marketing Tips for a Successful Campaign

As Miami-Dade’s 2020 election season draws ever closer, campaigns continue ramping up their efforts to try and secure those last crucial votes. Although it may seem like an old-school approach, political flyers still play a part in any successful campaign.

Candidates and their team may hand these out in neighborhoods or pass them out at fundraisers. They represent an excellent resource for any candidate seeking office.

Despite traditional marketing efforts no longer reflecting the unstoppable behemoth it once was, political flyers still serve as a non-intrusive, catchy, portable advertising initiative that can benefit any campaign. For this reason, our team from Reach Voters wants to outline some of the guerilla marketing tips related to flyer marketing.

Reach More Voters with Guerilla Marketing Tips and Flyers

We’ve all seen event flyers. This is an effective way that candidates can promote their campaign, as well as their stance on important issues. However, many new candidates wield difficulty understanding precisely how to flyer their campaign. By relying on these following guerilla marketing tips, candidates can distribute flyers with efficacy on-and offline.

Distributing to Local Shops

This method represents the most traditional flyering effort. Candidates can reach out to local businesses and ask if they’ll post flyers in their stores. The best way to utilize this initiative is by seeking out areas with waiting rooms. Visitors will spend time in these areas without much to do. As a result, they will keep eyes on things like political flyers that adorn the area.

Door Dropoff

Door drops serve as a cost-effective way that can help candidates distribute their flyers in areas where a campaign does not possess an address list. Although this method can prove time-intensive, it enables a campaign to hyper-target demographics and spread the word.

A good example of this implementation is reaching students. A candidate could use campaign staff to canvas a campus area or local dorm rooms. They won’t need to acquire addresses or rely on other invasive techniques.

Online Dispersal

This is a melding of old and new. With the dawn of the digital age, it’s never been easier for candidates to spread the word about their campaign platform. This may not clearly demonstrate guerilla marketing tips, but this is the internet era after all.

Candidates can embed flyers on blogs and social media, or even send it out via mailing list to friends, followers, and other connections. Campaign staff and the candidate should determine the most appropriate resource to focus their online dispersal attention. When they visualize a particular source performing well on a channel, they can adjust campaign strategies for the best possible results.

Guerilla Marketing Tips from Reach Voters

Guerilla Marketing TipsQuality remains a paramount priority in regards to campaign flyers. Although this advertising method serves candidates well, especially when they need to save on costs, it is not the time to disperse an inferior product no matter the chosen guerilla marketing tactic.

To learn more about guerilla marketing and campaign flyers, in addition to how these advertising resources can help a political candidate succeed in the South Florida community, contact our professional team from Reach Voters today about our guerilla marketing tips!

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