Here’s Everything You Need to Know About the November 5th Miami Beach General Election

When You Want Change, Voting is the Best Way to Make Your Voice Heard

The type of legitimate change that affects most of us takes place on the state and municipal levels. Nonetheless, many voters wonder precisely why their local fall elections matter. The truth is, it remains political at a local level like this November 5th Miami Beach General Election that will likely shape our lives. For this reason, staying informed and voting is crucial to getting our voices heard.

The state holds elections beyond those that take place once every four years when the United States selects its next president. Communities like Miami Beach all across the country hold elections where voters can choose the individuals who represent them in governments that affect their lives the most.

This November 5th, Miami Beach will elect representatives and decide on ballot questions that may concern property tax rates, real estate developments, and even help shape decisions on how to spend public money.

This is why our team from Reach Voters is breaking down some information on some need-to-know information concerning voters this fall for the November 5th, 2019 Miami Beach General Election.

Make a Difference in November – Go Vote!

This November 5th, Miami Beach voters will weight candidates for multiple commission seats, as well as numerous ballot measures. This includes answering questions on compensation for elected commissioners.

When many people think about elections, their attention is naturally drawn to the highly-publicized presidential campaigns. These elections typically draw a massive turnout. Unfortunately, local elections don’t. Nonetheless, locally-elected officials wield more power to impact issues that most voters face regularly.

Citizens over the age of 18-years-old possess the right to vote so long as their voting rights remain intact. These can be revoked due to a court deciding on mental incapacitation, or as a result of a felony conviction without restoration of voting rights.

The law, in this regard, remains ever-evolving. Just last year, a constitutional amendment called for a change in Florida law that would reform a notably strict process for convicts to restore their voting rights.

What to Do to Prepare for the November 5th Miami Beach General Election

If a voter moves before an election, they must update their address with the Miami-Dade Elections Department. Furthermore, potential voters can determine their registration status through this website, as well. 

In Miami-Dade County, voter home addresses matter because elected commissioners represent districts. This remains important for anyone who wants to participate in local elections.

Information on the November 5th Miami Beach General Election from Reach Voters

Miami Beach General ElectionNews publications may tout the 2020 presidential election as the “election of our lifetime,” however, every election serves as an opportunity to participate in democracy. 

Voting gives people the power to hold those in decision-making positions accountable while carrying out their civic duty. It doesn’t matter if an election concerns voting for someone in a committee chair, or on a crucial budgeting issue, our votes count.

For this reason, Reach Voters commits to educating and guiding voters, as well as candidates, on the ins and outs concerning elections in the state of Florida. To learn more about the November 5th Miami Beach General Election, or any election in Florida, contact our informative resource today!

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