Your Personal Page Doesn’t Cut It: How to Step Up Your Political Social Media Game

Using Social Media to Win Elections

Many political personalities so quickly blame media when a news story breaks that doesn’t favorably paint them. However, the modern candidate relies on a political social media campaign to help them get the exposure they need to reach voters in today’s environment.

While most political campaigns understand that they should develop and nurture a presence on social media, they don’t always comprehend the unique nuances behind the process. For this reason, our team from Reach Voters wants to outline effective and efficient levying in such an exciting and modern space.

It is a Promotional Tool After All!

This one should come easy to even the relatively green political candidate. Nonetheless, many campaigns overlook utilizing social media platforms as a promotional tool. Once a candidate creates their social media page, they must promote it for constituents to ever find them.

Adding a link whenever they can in an online space, including campaign websites and cross-platforming social media accounts is an optimal way to spread the word on social media.

Utilizing targeted ads to potential followers is also a cost-effective method with positive results as well. Dedicating some money for online advertising to promote a campaign page, in addition to mentioning the candidate’s presence on social media is a great way to establish and maintain contact with voters.

Additionally, political candidates should set up a dedicated profile to the political social media campaign. This is very basic, but numerous different campaign initiatives still seem to get it wrong. Successful campaigns rely on pages for their needs, not a personal profile fo the candidate themselves.

Rely on Social Media Tools

A number of political campaigns and their social media managers abstain from leaning on the wealth of information they can obtain through social media analytics. Take, for example, Facebook Insights. This tool can offer insight into things like:

  • Demographic that “like” the page
  • The best times to post
  • The most interacted with post types
  • Statistics on outreach through posts and ads
  • Views and interactions

This is NOT a Space for Official Statements

Social media serves as a platform for a personal touch. Many candidates elect to use Facebook and Twitter as a resource for press releases and official statements. Let’s be honest, a press release can be a lifeless piece of content.

Alternatively, candidates should post pictures, photos, videos, and shorter messages that people feel more inclined to read and can relate to. This is the best possible opportunity for some personal insight into the political, social media campaign, as well as the campaign in general.

Tips on a Political Social Media Campaign from Reach Voters

Political Social Media Campaign

Candidates criticize the traditional media for not facilitating the entire truth to get out to voters. The good news is that today they can bypass this entirely to reach their voters through a political, social media campaign

A political campaign is a form of marketing after all, and just like digital advertising, social media for politics is a great way for a candidate to communicate with voters unfiltered. Social media is a tool on the cutting edge, and any successful candidate will treat it as a crucial component to help them maintain or develop contact with potential constituents.

Our team from Reach Voters works to share information for voters and candidates on elections, election dates, and the political process in the South Florida community. To learn more on social media campaigns, check out These Social Media Tips for Political Campaigns Will Help You Reach Voters and contact us today!